Christina & MinAhm's Engagement [Crystal City & Merdian Hill]

Christina & Minahm found me through mutual vendors and settled a consultation date.  Once we meet, they immediately booked me on the spot with hardly any questions asked because they knew  who they wanted.  I couldn't have asked for any better of a response upon greeting each other.

The one thing that did settle with me during the consultation was that they both felt they weren't photogenic people so they warned me that I might have to work as harder than usual.  We all laughed and I explained, believe it or not, majority of my clients all nervous about being front of a 'big camera'.

I just told them to relax and just have fun throughout the process, I'll be there to guide you both and have nothing to worry about.  Just have fun, that's all I said.  Once they saw the photos, they were in awe with the outcome and it's amazing to just make people past their expectations through imagery.

I'm excited for their upcoming wedding soon! I would like to also shout out to Matt Ha Photography for joining me along this session as well!