Kelly & Andy's Engagement [Brookside Gardens, MD]

Although I closed my doors on the wedding portion of my photography beginning of this year, the value of my name continued to circulate underground while I enjoyed having the time for myself. No more being stressed about the craft, business, and enjoying the time that I have for myself. I felt…free.

One day, I received an email, text, Instagram message, and etc. on every social media platform from a past client wanting me to photograph her best friend Kelly for her wedding. Kelly hoped I only had one foot out the door closing in on wedding photography. She and her fiance Andy browsed through many and just was attracted to my work while I was absent in the industry and market.

I opened up to them, and managed to set a consultation with them being so grateful that I was willing to come back for their wedding on a favor personal favor. Kelly and Andy listened to my guidance on the wardrobe attire selections, and were lucky the storm bypassed our location. The temperatures went from 92 degrees to 82 degrees being cooler to run around, cuddle, and somewhat comfortable.

This experience made me realize I still love making images for people when the time comes, but I don’t miss it or have regrets. It’s just what I do naturally, putting smiles on people’s faces as I always have way before I even became a photographer. That is what I can do for you.

Looking forward to their wedding in October!