Grace & Andrew's Wedding [Ellicott City, MD]

I meet Grace and Andrew through mutual referrals along with seeing my work along the Tri-State area (DC, MD and VA area). They were both big fans of my work and wanted to hire me for their special day. Grace has a very contagious personality being very happy and bubbly making it easy to make friends with while Andrew is funny, cool, and a slick dude.

Little did we know, Andrew and I might’ve competed against each other long time ago being in the sparring circuit on the national level for TaeKwonDo. We both knew each other’s teams and team members, and realized what a small world it was.

The day of the wedding however was extremely hot for being towards the near end of summer. Grace and Andrew were champs sunbathing throughout the entire ceremony. Grace was embracing the moment as Andrew on the other hand was struggling to be cool where I even had to come up and give him a hand towel every now and then. He whispered “Oh dude, you read my mind man, I’m dying here" haha.

These two were willing to follow my guidance throughout the entire day and put trust in me for every event that unfolded to make the day go by easier and I couldn’t thank them enough as we worked together as a team. As the day was coming to a close, they followed along with my last idea of portraits during sunset, which is very rare to do and hardly ever happens.

We managed to set the stage right and shot away for gorgeous warm tones that was available and was perfect to end the finale. Grace and Andrew, I would like to thank you both again for allowing to document one of the greatest chapters of your lives together and wish you both many years of happiness and prosperity along the way as newlyweds.

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