• How do you describe your photography style?

My photography style is very simplistic, elegant, and traditional with a touch of modern flair.  I'm all about the emotions and stylizing poses that clients couldn't even have imagined that they could look like the way they do with light that is provided by nature.

  • Do you have any tips on how to make the best amount of coverage available?

Yes, here a few I recommend that some clients might not realize is important...

  • Ceremony time should be at least 30mins long.  That should give enough time for my assistant and/or myself to roam around for better angles, capturing candids of family and bridal party reactions of the entire ceremony for compelling storytelling.  Believe it or not, some ceremonies have been short as 10-15 minutes which is practiaclly just photos of the Bride&Groom at the alter doing the formal routine and becomes very limiting. 
  • Formal dances of 1st dance, father&daughter, mother&son dances, and especially choreographed routines should be the entire song if not at least 2 1/2 minutes of the song for myself and the 2nd photographer to roam around the couples for better angles and moments.  Reason being this is important is because sometimes the dances will only be 3o-40 seconds during an emotional moment that the couples will hide their faces into each other and just stay in one place not utilizing around the dance floor causing difficulty of capturing moments.  
  • Do you pose every event throughout the day? I don't want too many posed moments, just lots of candids.

I never really understood or been surprised that this question even occurs! I can understand back in the days of using film photography with only 32 shots per roll of film, photographers would pose throughout the day, but in digital era, it's very rare if not even plausible to stop live event for a posed photo.  I prefer capturing candid moments over posed heavily, though sometimes the images you see online, social media, pintrest, and etc. are  posed with a made up backstory believe it or not!  The only time I do posed photos would be the preparation details, portraiture, family, bridal party, and Bride&Groom formal photo session of the day.

  • Do you recommend having a 2nd photographer or is it necessary?

Having a 2nd photographer isn't necessary but recommended to have another set of eyes to cover your wedding day.  It especially helps during preparation if Bride & Groom are in separate rooms on different floors or locations depending on the restrictions of the timeline.  During the formal events of the ceremony and reception, such as 1st dances, guests, and etc. it's easier to cover multiple angles depending on the scenario.  Personally, having a 2nd photographer is just another reassurance for your day!

  • Do you offer videography services?

No, I do not.  I do know a list of vendors or personal recommendations who've I've worked with at other events to save you time on researching.  Just ask away!

  • How does your copyright and personal use apply?

In the general industry of photographers, majority of copyright ownership retains with the photographers, myself included.  All my clients receive written usage license for their personal fair use in terms of online, social media applications, prints, and personal demo at their leisure.  Copyright protects the clients from any harm incase in the future images are stolen/misused by invalid 3rd party usage without permission from the photographer.

  • How many hours would be suitable for a whole wedding day?

In my experience, most weddings can be covered within the 8 hour range, though 10 hours is better!  Your photography coverages start around half hour into the the Bride's make-up time.  In average of 8 hours... 1.5-2 hours for Groom/Bride preparation, 30minutes for 1st look/Bridal Party/Bride&Groom Formals, 30mins to 1 hour ceremony, 1 hour (or 1 hour and 15/20minutes) for cocktail hour, and 3 hours of reception.  Sometimes, there's no need for late receptions photos due to people being hot, sticky, and sweaty photos (Especially in the summer!)! Bleh!   Though, it's always recommended to have more time on your wedding day as possible.  I also walk-through the timeline with my clients to make it easy for them as well!

  • What is your general turn around time for weddings?

I average about a 1-2 months from your wedding date for your gallery preview to be shared with your family and friends.  Prints, albums, and other tangible products should be delivered around within 3 months of your wedding date.  I always have to make sure that the albums and prints are approved by the client before processing orders depending on the level of attentive response for the approval to be made by the clients to receive their tangible items in a timely manner beyond 3 months turn around.

  • How many photos do we receive?

On average I deliver about 400-600+ images.  Most I've ever delivered was 720 images. I'm a firm believer of 'quality over quanity' depending on the wedding day and restrictions.  In some scenarios, such as catholic weddings, the officiant will not allow photography throughout the ceremony/mass for the hour or two as to 2 hour Indian wedding ceremony where there's singing, dancing, and lots of festivities evolving every few minutes.  There could be some restrictions as to where my team and I could be around the ceremony and be limited on angles that could restrict photography coverage.  There are other variables that could limit coverage, but over all I try to do the best I can to deliver the upmost imagery you'll receive! To get an idea of what 400-600 images would be, gather 100 4x6 prints and stack them high to see the quanity!

  • Do you recommend first look photos?

No it's not recommended, but a great idea for many reasons.  Many brides think/hope that their groom will see the bride for the first time will be emotional coming the down the aisle as you see on mainstream social media, but sometimes the groom is nervous around so many friends and family where that moment never happens.  First looks are a great way to reveal private, intimate, and emotional moment of your day of just you two together where nothing else matters before the fast paced day begins.  It's also a great way to combine the bridal party photos within that time to save more time for the Bride&Groom formal photos during cocktail hour as well, which is always a plus!

  • Do you need or accept shot list for the wedding day to be covered?

I do accept a shot list if given by my clients (though it's very rare).  If there are certain details on file, I'll make sure to deliver those demands as it sees fit depending on the timeline, events, and etc. no photographs throughout the day are guaranteed.  In general however,  I do not need a guide on the main key points and details of the day.  Most brides bring a standardized check list that they downloaded from many wedding sites and so did many other brides, so individuality from wedding to wedding it's hard to come by especially if their friends have the same photos from the same check list!  I prefer to have the trust from my clients to allow my creativity of vision to story tell throughout the day otherwise I'll be possibly missing on finer details/moments just to make sure I covered everything on the list itself.  The only list I do recommend is the family shot list so we can move faster and save time during the cocktail hour if need be during family photos.  Please be mindful that with shot list or not, all photos aren't guarunteed due to the nature of weddings.

  • When is the best time for family, friends, bridal party, and Bride&Groom formals?

Generally the best time for all those photos would be during the cocktail hour.  Sometimes, bridal party photos can be done during first look time.  Family photos are always done after the ceremony since, all family members will be in one location afterward, however small families can be done before the ceremony if scheduled.

  • What if rain occurs on our wedding day of outdoor events, do you stop photography coverage?

NOPE!  I continue to work as any other wedding day. My team and I have water-resistant equipment to withstand rain to continue our jobs no problem, not sure about hurricane rainstorm level haha. I don't know what it is about rain, but it just makes the atmosphere more lively and fun seeing family and friends making the best of their day, lots of great moments and portraiture can come out of the rain!

  • What happens if your equipment fails, do you have any reassurance that will not be an issue?

Digital photography equipment like any other electronic devices such as your phone is inevitable, one day it'll just fail.  For reassurance, my team and I bring multiple cameras, flashes, and lenses to be covered incase of unfortunate circumstances so there's no need to worry on your end.  We have back up plans on top of back up plans!


Hopefully I answered some of your questions here and educated you on what to expect at the same time.  If there's any other questions in mind, please feel free to ask away!