• Do we need an engagement session?

As with most services, it's not mandatory though it is recommended.  There's quite a few reasons why engagements are an investment.  1st, engagements are a great way to get acquainted with me on a personal level of fun. 2nd, you'll be able to see what to expect on your wedding day in terms of poses, direction, and guidance throughout the day building the confidence knowing you'll look your best the day of.  Last but not least, engagement photos are great way for the official save the date websites and invitations, along with great center pieces for guest sign-in areas or reception tables! 

  •  How long do engagement sessions take, how many locations?

On average sessions last about 1.5-2 hours at one location with one outfit change.  You can do multiple locations as long as it's within 5 mile radius of the 1st location.  Please be mindful that timing of daylight is essential in terms of best outcome of looks so you have to be very wary of possible traffic and community events at touristy areas such as Baltimore Inner Harbor, Downtown Annapolis,  or DC events.

  • How many outfits can we bring?

Most clients bring 2 outfits.  One formal and one casual.  You can bring more than 2 outfits but can be quite challenging finding places to change and constantly walking around areas of shooting. I personally wouldn't recommend going over 3 outfits from previous client experiences of comfort.

  • When is the best time for engagement photos? 

The best time for engagement photos is either within 2 hours from sunrise or 2 hours before sunset.  Most clients choose 2 hours before sunset to work into the golden light hour for the finale.  If clients are too busy and can't make it either or timeframe, don't worry, I can make photos at any hour of the day!

  • What about a 'raincheck'?

Weather can be unpredictable on any day leading to scolding hot, blistering cold, or even...rain.  Depending on the tensity of rain, we can always reschedule at another date without a problem.  It's not always bad if there's rain added into the session because it also brings out the best story telling moods with props such as umbrellas, raincoats, and that rain itself (look at the sample image provided above showcasing the rain itself!)

  • What should we wear?

Believe it or not, outfits are the key elements of the engagement session as to the locations as well.  Remember...SIMPLICITY IS KEY!  Clothing should be fitted and sized proportionately to the body, especially for men.  


  • Try to wear solid colors, it's even easier to pick colors according to the season
  • Try to stay away from solid black or white, it'll look mundane at times
  • Do not clash patterns such as a flannel shirt with polka-dot dress, it'll look too busy! If one is wearing pattern, the other should be wearing solid apparel.
  • Try to accent each other such as one wearing red dress and the other has a red belt for accent their partner
  • Casual wear session, little things like matching sneakers or matching outfits are a great way to showcase unity.


  • Do you have specific locations in mind or do you allow us to choose the location?

Yes, either I can provide locations or willing to have the session at a location of your choice.  Depending on the distance from Hanover, MD over an hour drive will require additional travel fee. Please also be mindful that permit fees may be required depending on the location's rules & regulations!

  • Do you do stylized, themed, or conceptual engagements than standard session ideas?

Yes I do! I would love to do something out of the ordinary if you have any ideas for your session such as a picnics, camping, breakfast in bed, or in home living lifestyle sessions of gaming, cooking, or board games.

  • How many photos do we receive and the turn around time?

On average I deliver about 60-100+ high resolution images to be delivered by a downloadable gallery for you, your family, and friends to share!  Engagement photos should be delivered within 2 weeks from the session date.

  • Is an engagement album necessary?

No, it's not necessary although it'll be a great investment in having one to use as a possible guest sign-in book to leaving loving comments written by family and friends for you to cherish looking through your album.

  • What about safety concerns of certain ideas provided by you or the client, will  you put anyone in harms way just for a photo or creativity?

Absolutely not! Safety is number one priority for my clients and myself!  This rule applies to weddings and family sessions as well...no photo is worth risking injury, accidents, or death.  If the client suggests an idea and I feel it is unnecessary or possibly dangerous, I will respectfully decline the idea.  If the client persists against my best judgement, the session will be terminated and no refunds will be given.


If there are any more questions you have in mind, please do no hesitate to ask!